Who is Will, and What Does WillDo?

My background consists of over a decade of blending business development, management, marketing and extensive graphic design. I have helped build, manage and brand two startup technology companies; one successfully built and sold, the other successfully built and brought to multiple publicly traded markets. My unique background allows me to fully understand the intricate business needs of clients and their target audience for projects.

I am well versed in deciphering the intentions of design project which can be difficult to communicate for many. I understand many projects have tight deadlines but require perfection, and this is the space where I really deliver.

Additional Details

I like to start my projects by working backwards. Once I understand the profiles of the parties in play, it is much easier for me to approach the project from the correct vantage point to ensure minimal revision is needed to hit the specific end result you are looking for.

  • Who is the reader/viewer
  • What do we want them to do/think/feel
  • Who are you, what is your company ‘voice’

I am well versed on a wide variety of project types and software to facilitate them, my primary focus being on graphic design, business development and marketing. I have been crafting powerpoint presentations, user-guide videos, sales sheets, business cards and the like for over 10 years. I also leverage the talents of a few select individuals who I have worked with extensively for custom illustration, website creation and programming. With the accessibility to this multitude of talents, I am able to deliver consistently high quality work in a shortened time span.